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Finding spiritual guidance can be a challenge when you're not surrounded by believers on a daily basis.
HelloBible offers precise answers to all your spiritual questions, without ever imposing obligations or making judgments!

An intelligent assistant based on the most trusted source

The Bible is the best selling book in history with more than 5M copies sold to this day. We used all different versions of it to adapt to every sensibility.

The app that encourages you

You are not on a trivial path, you are on the path of your life, and it has a meaning ! HelloBible can help you find this meaning, enlightened by the biblical wisdom.

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Behind the successes of HelloBible

A team of technicians at the service of a reliable and accessible artificial intelligence tool

At the heart of HelloBible stands a unique synergy between developers, engineers, consultants and beta-testers, all united by a passion for technology and spirituality.

Under the visionary leadership of Éric Célérier, HelloBible is moving forward towards its goal of transforming Bible study through artificial intelligence, always ensuring that every aspect of the project is in harmony with ethical and spiritual values.

Changed daily lives for transformed lives

This HelloBible quiz helps me a lot to deepen my biblical knowledge. Be blessed!

Beta tester of the application

I appreciate the echo given by HelloBible, which does not ONLY “reassure” but which is in line with my approach of “shaking” myself to move forward.

Beta tester of the application

Great and complete I did not know all the types of prayers. Thanks HelloBible!

Beta tester of the application

HelloBible has become my daily companion in my search for meaning. Her personalized responses helped me find profound and comforting answers in times of doubt and confusion.

Beta testeur de l'application

As a novice to studying the Bible, I found HelloBible to be incredibly useful in guiding me through its teachings. It opened up a new world of understanding for me.

Beta tester of the application

HelloBible allowed me to discover aspects of the Bible that I had never thought of before. It enriched my spiritual life and gave me a new perspective on my faith.

Beta testeur de l'application

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